Sunday, April 5, 2015

Watercolor Florals, An Antique Italian Painted Cabinet, and a Golden Quilling Motif.

We're already in April and this is the first post of 2015 on Kağıtlık.. It's atrocious, but I blame Instagram for it. It makes sharing snapshots so easy that my inborn laziness thrives on it. Never mind that I've not been able to create something worth sharing or making a blog post about in ages.

But here I am, and I have a couple of things to share. The rectangular white cardstock pieces I had left over from a big gift box order are still aplenty and they occasionally compel me to bring out the watercolors and paint some florals. Here are a few of them.

I don't remember exactly what I was looking for, but a while ago I found myself looking at some lovely antique painted furniture on Pinterest. I came across this lovely cabinet and decided to give the acrylic paints a try with it.

I used copy paper (drew one corner and transferred it to each side of the paper to complete the image) simply because I needed it to be as symmetrical as possible.

 Strangely, when you look at it after rotating it 90 degrees, it makes a pretty carpet design too.

And let me finish with a quilling design that came about on a weekday. Hopefully the next one won't take as many months..


  1. bugün keşfettiğim ikinci süper blog seninki. Bana böyle şeylerle gel sebastian derken buradan mı bahsediyorlar:) . 240'lık ekran görüntüleri arasında 1080p gibi görünen işlerin var biliyor musun:)). Takibe alıyım dedim ama bulamadım buton muton , ama becerdim galiba yine de:)
    buradayım ben de:
    uğra istersen

    1. Çok geç gördüm ama ne güzel bir yorum! Çok çok teşekkürler.. Bu arada keşfettiğin ikinci blogu çok merak ettim.. :)