Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yields of Sunday evening

After two full weeks of research, I needed to go back to folding papers to relax a bit. At first I made a simple star box out of necessity, and placed it by the mirror to hold the spare coins in. But after a few hours of wrestling with a hand-written letter which included words like 'Saint Augustus', 'Hypatia' and 'Madame Palmer', and two petitions to the Sublime Porte in rik'a, I needed some mindless music and something just as mindless to occupy my hands in order to shake off the headache.

I'm proud to declare that at this point, I no longer have paper cuts on my fingers. Quite an accomplishment!

For the flowers, I used the pre-cut blue paper I had in store, and loosely colored the corners in purple and dark blue to create some texture. My flowers are about three times bigger than the one the demonstrator makes in the video, and still it was a challenge to fold the leaves in. Still, I think they look pretty enough, if a bit rough.

For the box I used craft-paper simply because they're already cut in squares and I was too lazy to bother with measuring and cutting. The base box is standard; as for the ornament on top, I folded a jasmine(!) and glued it on top of the flat lid.

The real wrist ache doesn't come with the folding. It comes with holding the camera in weird angles while trying to get a nice picture. ;-)

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